The 1st Day of Summer.

It’s amazing to me that Summer has already begun. On one hand I am glad it has come because I sure am tired of all the stagnant wet weather of the Great NorthWest. At the same time, it has only been summer for one day, and I already hear people complaining about the fact that it is really hot. I am getting the idea that people are never going to be satisfied with life the way it is. As the old saying goes, ‘The Grass is always greener on the other side.”

I wonder if this is the same for leaders in the church?? We are always wanting to grow, or have a better worship experience, or to have a grooving band, or to have a perfect program for all members of the family, or to have a preacher who dresses just right, and greets us with a smile.

You see, our job as leaders in the church is to help bring our members, guests, and kids to a point where they meet the Savior or the world, JESUS CHRIST!! If we aren’t doing that, then our music, preaching, programs, and attitudes are all done in vain. One thing that I find extremely frustrating, is the lack of leadership training in churches.

I love leaders, and I love the church. For me it is extremely frustrating when I see a church or ministry that has the potential to really reach people, but they don’t because they refuse to plan, equip, and train their leaders on how to lead. Many people tell me that leading is a natural gift. True, but just like everything else, there is always room for improvement.

So I would like to help you out in two ways:

1) by offering to come and speak to your leadership team, pastors, and/or volunteers about what it means to be a leader, and to help and equip them and your church/ministry with resources to train and equip your leaders to reach people for Jesus Christ.

2) I would like to take my next few blog posts and talk about ways that you can help equip your leaders. These are things that I talk about in detail when I lead a conference or training session.


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