10 Facts I Consider About My Fiance (applies to husbands as well!)

I have had several talks with some friends the last few days on the topic of relationships! I’m not exactly sure why they come to me, I’m only 24, and I am not even married!

As I have talked with them, and I have shared how I personally deal/act/ intentionally do around my future wife, I have decided to post some basic thoughts I have on relationships (FROM A GUY’S PERSPECTIVE!)

Here are 10 FACTS that I have for these men I have talked to, and that I think about whenever I am communicating with my future wife!:

#1 – Before she was your fiance or wife she was God’s daughter…and He is VERY concerned about how someone treats His girl!

#2 – Women are responders, so if there is friction/conflict in the relationship she is most likely responding to something that is off center…and it is going to take an actual conversation where you use words to figure out what it is. (avoid being angry! REFRAIN from having this discussion via e-mail, texting, or through someone else)

#3 – If a man will not lead his family then satan will! (See Genesis 3!) How are you as an engaged man leading your future wife?

#4 – I believe that one of the biggest questions that a woman is always asking of her future husband is, “can I trust you with my heart?” And the answer to this question is not simply declared but rather demonstrated over time. How are you showing her she can trust you?

#5 – Every word you speak has meaning to your future wife…and HOW you say those words carry even more meaning.

#6 – No woman responds well to condemnation…and if we are supposed to love our wives like Christ loves the church, and there is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ (Romans 8:1) then we MUST watch our words carefully. Even if you aren’t married yet, make this a way of life!

#7 – It is a spiritual impossibility for an angry husband to love his wife like Jesus loves the church. DON”T BE AN ANGRY MAN!

#8 – Your wife LOVES to know you are thinking about her during the day. (Find ways to let her know: txt her I lov u!, send her love notes, or meet her after work (just because you can))

#9 – Surfing the internet or playing games on your smart phone while she is sitting next to you on the couch is NOT romantic.

#10 – Pursuit must be intentional! You did not accidentally fall in love…and you will not accidently stay in love! This is a rough one, and this means that EVERY action you make has a consequence!


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