Are Politics something Christians should care about?

This presidential election is getting crazy! All over Facebook and Twitter I am seeing blog posts, articles, news papers, and articles pointing out one view or the other and mud-slapping the other side. THIS IS CRAZY! I am a CHRISTIAN, and I don’t care if anyone knows it! But as I heard in a movie “with great power, comes great responsibility.”

I (and many others I’m sure) already know who we are going to vote for. I have a political opinion (though its probably not what you expect), and I feel pretty strongly about those opinions to tell you the truth! Some may get upset, frustrated and annoyed that I am a Christian and I am talking about politics! There is this huge hype about Christians putting too much time into politics, and some even say we (CHRISTIANS) shouldn’t even express our political views! (TRANSLATION: If you don’t think, act, or behave like me, then you have no business thinking!!!! HMMMMMM…).


Being a CHRISTIAN has WAY more to do with knowing Jesus Christ than it does with “getting out of hell free.” Its about walking with Him, learning about who HE is, learning what HE wants, and letting HIS values and ways become ours! In doing this, we will impact EVERY aspect of our lives…… including politics! Christians are not under a strict “do not let the Bible impact every aspect of your lives” Rather, we are under a strict “God, how can this situation bring honor and glory to you?”

With all this being said………….

I feel that some may take this to the extreme and start Bible thumping, riot starting, conversation interrupting, and people insulting all in the name of Freedom and honor to God! Please don’t do these things (I don’t endorse these types of behaviors). There are two areas where it is important for CHRISTIANS to think before they speak, and let GOD direct them in those situations.


I am amazed at how many different passages in Scripture discuss, show, or model for us (Christians) to be nice! One specific example that sticks out in my head is that section of Scripture where Jesus is washing his disciples feet (John 13). They were HIS disciples (meaning they should have been washing HIS feet) but we are told that He washed their feet. He later tells them that one of them would betray (turn away from, reject) Him (this was also during the time HE was serving them Communion). At the end of this passage he tells them that the way the world will know they (and even that we) are CHRISTIANS, is by their (and our) “LOVE” (v.35).  N O T our political hate speeches/blogs/letters, OR our Protest war/Obama/Romney signs!  Check out the passage for yourself John 13:1-35

#2 PLEASE don’t use the pulpit, Youth Group, Sunday School, or Bible Study time to PUSH your view!

People from both sides (Democrat and YES Republicans) have taken the liberty to do this from the pulpit. There is NO ROOM for this mud-slinging to take place in these avenues. These are places where we learn about Jesus, draw people to Jesus, help point people to Jesus, seek after Jesus, to learn more about Jesus. THESE ARE NOT THE PLACES to do this. The church’s message IS THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST – PERIOD!!!!!!!  I find it interesting that politicians always base their speeches on promises & intentions (either they will do, or that the previous one didn’t do). The interesting thing to me is that these promises & intentions WON’T change the heart of people! Only JESUS can do that!

Note: some churches promote a specific candidate during election times. I feel that this an ok thing to do. Handing out flyer and statistic sheets to inform your church members of where each politician stands on key issues is very helpful. HOWEVER, this should be done during passing time (in the hallways, sitting on a table for news, etc.) NOT during teaching time. (In my head: That time is designated for JESUS)

As a pastor, children’s work, husband, friend, mentor, musician, writer, AMERICAN and CHRISTIAN, I have S.T.R.O.N.G. political views and opinions. I am very willing to discuss politics, and share my views with ANYONE (even you) who would like to talk about the latest news in politics. HOWEVER; you must know that there is one view I hold stronger than any of those views, and this view sums up my worldview. Which is that “the world DESPERATELY needs Jesus” I believe that if people knew Jesus, and followed HIM, we would no longer need to have tons and tons of laws and legislation to help keep our country a safe place. HE would bring about the change that would make this world a better place!


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