Are your Nets Breaking and Your Boat Sinking?

“I will make you fishers of men.” –Jesus

Our nets are breaking and our boats our sinking. If I really want to blame someone, I think Jesus would be an appropriate choice!

If you are new to this story, or are wondering what I am referring to, keep reading. I am referring to a story found in Luke 5. Peter and his men were out fishing on a lake (on a boat of course) and it appears they were not having much luck, cause they “toiled all night.” Jesus told them that ‘in faith’ they should put their nets down into the water one more time (how crazy this must have sounded to them). Yet after they did this, the fish came out of the woodworks and enclosed their nets, to the point where their nets began to break. (BREAK! We are talking soo many fish that a net designed to hold fish broke). We are told that they asked others to come and help them with the mass amount of fish. As they filled up the two boats, they began to sink! At this point Peter fell down and worshiped Jesus.

The last few months have been like this for me. In faith I would do things (put my net down) and Jesus would show himself to me, my wife, and family.

In May and June I was un-employed and looking for work. I asked God to provide a job (even if it was one I didn’t want) and he provided.

Due to no money I (daily) laid my net down for God to provide food, cloths, etc for my family. He came forth and provided a home, food, and the things we needed (not wanted).

In September I woke up with a messed up knee. I missed a few weeks of work (not to mention racked up some nice debt to the doctors and hospital). I asked God for his healing hand, and He healed me (after a few weeks-with no permanent damage).

While all of this has happened and I am blessed, there still are the rough storms that happen in the midst of trusting and relying on God. The past few months have been a continual rough sea for Jenn and I. God has proven Himself true to His word, and we have no doubt He will take care of us (I mean we are where we are today because of Him showing Himself). But now we have reached another storm. The storm is too big for us to handle on our own. But the storm is NOT too big for our God! Satan may use the storm to tear us down, slap us around, and make us feel (like that stuff that comes out of a baby’s bottom); BUT GOD IS IN CONTROL!

A NOTE TO SATAN: You may beat us up, tear us down, and pin us against each other. But you WILL NOT, EVER, be bigger, better, stronger, and more powerful than our God!

A NOTE TO READERS: No matter what storm you find yourself in. No matter what that storm may do to your boat or net, whatever lie Satan wants you to believe (Satan will lie) think of this story in Luke 5.

My hope for my family and for you, is that you will wake up one day and find that your nets are breaking and your boats are sinking.


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