Is Social Media for You???

Do  you use Social Media? Should pastors, youth pastors, parents, teachers, and business owners use social media? I was talking with a friend a while back about this very issue. I would like to share a few thoughts I have regarding this very issue. When I say “Social Media” I am talking about sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs like this one (just to name a few).  I hope that through these things pastors, parents, and business owners will find the value of and choose to use social media.

  1. KEEPS YOU CONNECTED: Social Media sites were designed to help people to stay connected with each other. This is the same reason churches, businesses, and even writers have web-sites. The sole purpose is to help keep you connected with others.
  2. GIVES YOU EYES: As a parent being a part of these social media sites allows you to see what friends your kids have, and what kinds of things your kids are up to. As a Pastor these sites allow you the same as above (see as a parent) and it also allows you to encourage your flock. You can use these site’s as a way to put friendly reminders about events, and even put an uplifting comment or two reminding them about your sermon and challenge. (keep your eyes open for future posts about this)

However, there are a few things I would like to say about this. Before you go and write me off (as a dumb writer) or do something stupid, please heed these warnings.

  1. BEING IGNORANT IS NOT A GOOD EXCUSE! Many parents, ministers, leaders claim that these types of things are out of their control. They claim they know nothing about them, so its easier to just let the kids/flock do what they are doing. NO!! Kids and younger generations do know more about technology than say my parents or most pastors and business men. But this is a completely dumb reason to act clueless about what they are doing on-line. It is highly counterproductive to let them use these “free” resources and not have a clue about them. IT”S FREE to have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, account.
  2. DON”T STALK: I had a friend in High School who got a Facebook account, so their parents did to. The only problem was that his mom asked to be his friend, posted on his page daily little notes that said things like “mommy misses you” and “Mommy loves you” (give me a break, he’s in High school). If you are going to use these networks, please DON’T be like my friends mom.
  3. Please DON’T post things you don’t know what they mean. One common shortcut in texting, Facebook and twitter is LOL. There was this lady who thought that LOL meant “lots of love”. So she would write a note to her son (text) or family member and would write LOL at the end. However, the people who got the message read it as “laugh out loud” So the messages she sent made no sense. BE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!!!!!!!

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