Thank You Jesus

Last night my wife and I spent the evening watching the Country Music Awards (CMA’S). We both grew up listening to country music and we love a good Reba, Hank Williams Sr., Brad Paisley, Sugarland, and George Strait. The two of us really enjoy country music. I am a huge fan of Brad Paisley. He has an amazing sense of humor (just like me), has a great commitment to family (his wonderful wife), and don’t even get me started on his guitar playing abilities. Last year I got his biography, and I was blown away by his Country roots, and desire to help the country music industry to be all that it can be. The reason I am talking about Brad Paisley here is because he was (once again) one of the hosts of last night’s CMA’s.

If you didn’t watch it, I feel real bad for you (just kidding, but seriously). You missed one funny night of comedy, jokes, awards, music, and the word Jesus. One of the groups there last night received two awards, Little Big Town. They received the Single of the Year Award (for “Pontoon”) and later received Vocal Group of the Year. I always enjoy watching groups/artists receive their awards. There is something about seeing a group of people who have worked real hard, done lots of traveling and singing/playing to get the opportunity to stand up in front of the world and say thanks. It is not often when you see an artist/group (or anyone for that matter) thank Jesus. That is exactly what Little Big Town did! OR DID THEY??????

They began to thank their producers, families, band members, CMA, country music fans, then they started thanking Jesus! Only it was (I think) a mockery of Jesus and was NOT funny!!!  Here is a quote from Country Weekly (that I found here) where they are quoted saying things like “thank you Capitol Records, and Jesus. Thank you Nashville and Jesus. Thank you our families, and Jesus!” I am thankful that they realize that Jesus is a person who has helped them to get where they are. My concern is that they just threw His name out like “Thank You” and made a joke out of it.

How do you use the name of Jesus? Or do you? It seems to me that we would be much better off to avoid using His name IF we can’t use it in such a way that draws people to Him, or that is done respectfully. To make a joke by using His name is NOT funny! It is NOT cute! It is NOT respectful! I don’t mind Little Big Town’s music, or songs. I just DON’T like the way that they made a joke out of my Savior! As Christians, we need to watch how we use our Savior’s name. Is it honoring to Him? Is it done respectably? Is it used to draw attention to you or HIM?


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