Is Life Falling Apart??

Do you feel like you have control of your life and marriage? As we take a look in the book of Job, we will find that God is the one who has FULL control of our lives and marriage. We have free will to choose to allow our lives and marriages to honor Him or not.

bible study

Lately I have been reading from the book of Job. Job was a man who had a healthy fear of God, who loved God, who appeared to be doing well economically speaking (see for yourself Job 1:1-22). We are told that Job “held fast to his integrity” (to God) even in the midst of Satan attacking him (2:3). It is fascinating to read the actions of his wife, when she mocks him. She takes the thing that God respects and values in Job (that he holds fast to his integrity) and asks him if he really believes that. Life got hard, and Job was following God (the best he could) and his own wife doubted that his faith was genuine and real. More than that, she doubted if God was really going to take care of them. She answers this question (which appears to be a rhetorical question) with an answer that would please Satan himself (2:9).

WIVES!!!!!!! You need to be careful what you say to your husband! Above anyone else on the earth, YOU have the ability to support your husband or throw him under the bus (spiritually speaking). Does your husband make mistakes? Sure he does! Did Job make mistakes? Sure he did! Is your husband trying to following God? Is he trying to seek the wisdom of God and lead your home in a way that honors God? YOU can support him in that or not. I am convinced that many divorces today could be avoided if both parties (husband and wife) would communicate with each other, and would keep pressing towards Christ. The problem is that both sides disagree and then arguments, fights, and divorce happens.

I am blown away by how crucial a wife is in the life of a man! She has the power to divide the home, cause a riff in the home, help her husband lead the home (as Christ commands in Ephesians 5). The reality is that wives can support their husband in their desire and efforts to honor God and lead their home accordingly.

I am still amazed at Job’s response to his wife! He calls her out, and tells her that she is speaking like a fool (Job 2:10).

HUSBANDS!!!! When your wife is not supporting you, you still need to honor God as Job did (2:10). He never “sinned with his lips” (2:10). You MUST refrain from degrading, downplaying, or even beating your wife! You are the man of the house! IF you are going to honor God through your leadership and through your home you MUST keep your mind, lips, and actions pure!!!!

I was amazed as I read through Job how practical his life is to us today in 2012. You see, Satan ended up killing Job’s children with the “ok” from God. Satan wanted to prove to God that Job would betray Him (as he would like to do with us today). He even went as far as attacking Job’s family and setting his wife against him (which we see all over the place today-in the skyrocketing divorce rates). Yet God would not let Satan touch Job (1:12). God is not opposed to letting Satan attack your stuff, your family, your life. He will protect His children, BUT his children MUST be seeking after Him.

Don’t let Satan have control over your marriage! Join together, and determine to follow God at ALL costs.


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