Today marks the beginning of history for our children and grandchildren as they will know it. The votes have been in and counted, and for the next four years we will be under the leadership of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Now many of you have different opinions and thoughts about the results of the presidential election. This post is NOT going to be a rant on who became our president. Rather, it IS about what our reaction should be towards this outcome.

I honestly believe that these things should be applied by EVERYONE regardless of whether or not you are happy or not about the results.

  1. God has placed Obama as the leader of the USA!!!   I’m not sure why, but HE has chosen to do so to fulfill his sovereign will. It is our duty as Americans and as Christians to not go against God (it never works out in the long run – see Acts 5).
  2. DON’T talk smack about Obama!!  In Ephesians 4:29 we are told that our words should be building up, not tearing down! IF we are talking smack about our leaders (all across the board) or being a rear-end to those who disagree with our views, we are NOT following Ephesians 4:29! This applies just as much to us today as it did when this was written thousands of years ago.
  3. PRAY for our nation, leaders and president Obama!!  I am reminded of 1 Tim. 2:1-3 where we are encouraged to pray for our leaders! We are also encouraged to live peaceful lives (with those around us). This can NOT be done if we are fighting and not working together. We are told a reason for desiring to do these things, because it “pleases God.”

I’m not sure how you feel about Obama, the legalization of Marijuana, and the way schools will be supported. But there is one thing I do know, we are in a Spiritual battle (Eph. 6:10-20), NOT a political one! We need to make sure that we draw close to God, are attentive to the Holy Spirit, and make sure that our voice (wherever we may be) is one that sheds light on our Savior and Lord! Many laws will be passed (legalization of Marijuana for example) that will affect our culture and country. BUT we can speak out against the ones that go against God’s law and NOT become accepting or complacent to what GOD tells us in HIS WORD (some call it the Bible) to be wrong.


President Obama, congratulations on another 4 years as the President of the USA. Please know that I support you. I may not agree with you, and I may not be pro your decisions. BUT I will commit to praying for you, respecting you as my leader. I WANT YOU TO KNOW SOMETHING!!!!! I will NOT follow you over my God! When you try to promote something that goes directly against what God says, I will NOT follow you! I will be like the men in Acts who were told to stop mentioning the name of Jesus (and they kept doing it). Not because they wanted to disrespect the governing authority, RATHER because God ‘s law is higher than yours!! I will not bash you, spit on you, be a rear-end to you. BUT I will stand up for what God says is right. You may be our President, but God is still the ruler of the nation and the world. May God bless you and keep you!     – Derek


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