A Leadership Lesson on MLK DAY!

Today is Januarary 21st, which means that it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day! It also means that schools, post offices, banks, universities, and other organizations are closed. For those of you who have no clue who Martin Luther King Jr. is, you may want to check out his biography here.


It is saddening to me, as I think about the number of people who know Martin Luther King Jr. not as a man who lead our nation on voyage that not only changed AMERICA as he knew, but as we know it today. Rather, they know of Martin Luther King Jr. as a man who gave us a day off from school, or that caused our banks to be closed (which causes us a burden as we need to get stuff done). How sad!!

Why do I mention this? What does this have to do with being a leader? You have heard me say “leaders read, and readers lead” While I believe this with all my heart; I also believe that leaders can learn from watching other leaders. This is why I am directing us to look upon Martin Luther King Jr.

Not only did he give what I would say, is one of the most famous speeches today. But his famous “I Have A Dream” speech has changed the way many in our country have thought for generations. It also shows us his heart! It shows us his vision, and it shows us his commitment!

I encourage you to watch his speech, because it will allow you to see some aspects of good leadership, passion, drive, and commitment. ALL of which are found in a good leader.

Watch his speech here!


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