Your Strangers

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Often times I wonder why my life is the way it is. Why do I live where I do? Why did I fall in love with the woman I did? Why do I have the friends I have? Why am I well……… ME?

Many people have no clue who I am, my past experiences, or even my dreams and ambitions. For the longest time, I felt as if I was alone, left out to face the wild animals on my own. Until I was reminded that I am a Christian! First and foremost I am a Christian! Before I am a Bible College Graduate, a Children’s Ministry teacher, a son, husband, uncle, brother, blogger, speaker, neighbor or ANYTHING else! Many Christians forget this and turn to their own ways! This leads to destructive lifestyles, divorce, abuse, alcoholism, drug use and many other things.

I got to thinking one day about the impact we as Christians really have. God has placed us where we are for a reason. Our past experiences, dreams, and ambitions are all given to us by God. Not only that, but they have the potential of changing the lives of someone else, leading them to Christ. Our work place (doesn’t matter where you work) provides opportunities for us to live our lives for others to see the impact the stains from Christ’s shed blood on our behalf has made in our lives. Don’t waste the moments you have with those “Strangers” around you. You never know what impact you can have on them.

check out this video clip


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