Thoughts on Marriage & Life Part II

While doing some Bible reading the other day, I ran into two passages that were very familiar to me. When Reading I found myself in Matthew 7:24-27. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a sermon or have read this passage before. I’m not exactly sure why I was reading this particular set of verses, but I felt like it had some value to this whole idea of Marriage & Life.

Whenever I hear of divorce or relationship break ups, I often hear “I don’t love them anymore” or “I fell out of love with them.” While it is true our society has come to see this as a “WAY OF LIFE”, I believe it has to do with something deeper! Call me weird, crazy, or dumb, but I do NOT think people fall out of love. I believe they have chosen not to keep their relationship fresh. They have gotten lazy, and the focus has become all about them, rather than on their spouse, or GOD!

I strongly believe that this type of thinking has warped our minds, thoughts, and actions towards others. Let me try to explain this in another way:


Scripture is very clear about what happens to those who build their lives upon Christ and those who don’t! Just take a look at Matthew 7:24-27 & Luke 6:46-49 to see what Scripture says!


About Derek D. Dix

Derek is a youth advocate, writer, church partner, and speaker based in Sweet Home Oregon. Derek holds a Bachelor's degree in Ministry Leadership from Multnomah University (Portland, OR) as well as a Bachelor's degree in Bible/Theology from Multnomah University (Portland, OR). His training has equipped him to connect with youth, parents, and ministry organizations, in such a way that betters the society in which they find themselves. He currently is the Middle School Campus Life Director in Linn County. He is passionate about relational discipleship, leadership, and helping others to become active Christ-followers.

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