A New Website for Living Hope Kid Zone!


As some of you know, my wife and I are co-directors for the Children’s Church program at Living Hope Baptist Church. This summer, we have volunteered to help plan, prepare, and head up our Vacation Bible School (VBS). We have set up a new site to keep people informed of what is happening at Living Hope Kid Zone.
Check out the new site here.
We have just uploaded a link to our promo video for VBS 2013:Jesuse: the ultimate Super Hero!


About Derek D. Dix

Derek is a youth advocate, writer, church partner, and speaker based in Sweet Home Oregon. Derek holds a Bachelor's degree in Ministry Leadership from Multnomah University (Portland, OR) as well as a Bachelor's degree in Bible/Theology from Multnomah University (Portland, OR). His training has equipped him to connect with youth, parents, and ministry organizations, in such a way that betters the society in which they find themselves. He currently is the Middle School Campus Life Director in Linn County. He is passionate about relational discipleship, leadership, and helping others to become active Christ-followers.

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