How to Deal with On-line Hate


As I was reading through some blogs this morning, I found this interesting post by Jon Acuff. I don’t know exactly how long you have been active on Myspace (ya remember when you wanted one of these accounts), Facebook, Twitter, Likend, Youtube, Google+, speaking, or even blogging. But I do know that even the simplest complaint or concern from someone can really get to you. In fact, it can even make you stay offline for some time. Thanks for this simple thought and help Jon!

You can check out Jon Acuff’s blog, or Facebook, or Twitter 


About Derek D. Dix

Derek is a youth advocate, writer, church partner, and speaker based in Sweet Home Oregon. Derek holds a Bachelor's degree in Ministry Leadership from Multnomah University (Portland, OR) as well as a Bachelor's degree in Bible/Theology from Multnomah University (Portland, OR). His training has equipped him to connect with youth, parents, and ministry organizations, in such a way that betters the society in which they find themselves. He currently is the Middle School Campus Life Director in Linn County. He is passionate about relational discipleship, leadership, and helping others to become active Christ-followers.

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