Happy Birthday to an Icon in Christianity


Back in 1918, in North Carolina, William “Billy” Graham was born. This man became well known in 1949 with his Evangelistic rally’s. He was a spiritual adviser for President Eisenhower & Nixon, Martin Luther King Jr., and others. In fact, he even bailed King Jr. out of jail in the 1960’s. He was a pastor, and an evangelist with Youth For Christ International. He is commonly known for the “crusades” & the “Billy Graham Evangelistic Association” which he founded in 1950. During the Civil War, he wanted to make sure that everyone (Blacks and Whites) had the opportunity to hear the life saving message of Jesus Christ. He traveled the world telling people about Jesus. In 1992 he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (this is the same disease my father died from, and the disease that actor Michael J. Fox has). If that isn’t enough, he has struggled with hydrocephalus, pneumonia, broken hips and prostate cancer. This man has done a lot for our world, country, and the kingdom of God.


Yesterday November 7, 2013 marks his 95th birthday! He is still sharing his love for humanity, and God.

Last night was the kick-off of what could be the ending of a great man! Billy Graham kicked off what is being called his “last sermon” with a message to America! He has a message of hope, love, and grace that he wants to once again, share with the world (more specifically, AMERICA).  In this video you get to hear Rev. Billy share what he is most passionate about, JESUS CHRIST! He shares this message from his own home, and provides some of his earlier revivals. You get to hear testimonies.

If you haven’t seen this, YOU SHOULD! It will totally move you. Best of all, it’s only 30 minutes! 

You should check out the preview video here

If you can’t find it playing on your t.v. check out the video here

Happy Birthday Bill Graham, and Thanks for your model.          



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