Is Your Heart a Part of Your Journey?


I have been spending much time lately thinking about my spiritual journey. We all have one, and for the longest time I felt like mine was no big deal (perhaps you feel the same way about yours?). How could my life be that impressive? When I hear other Christians talk about what God has done in their lives (some call this a ‘testimony’), I often felt (and feel) like my story was pathetic.  I have always felt like something was missing in my spiritual journey. I ran across a quote from Francois Fenelon’s book “The Seeking Heart” that really made an impact on me.

To just read the Bible, attend church, and avoid “big” sins –

is this passionate, wholehearted love for God?”

This quote has changed the way I view my spiritual journey. Like I said before, I always felt like something was missing (maybe you do too). Could it simply be that I am not in love with God?

Growing up, I was taught many things that would upset God. I was also very afraid to upset God, so I did my best to not sin (lie, cheat, smoke, or chew, or date girls that do! LOL). But really, I try NOT to upset God! I OFTEN fail, but I try. As a result, I often feel like a failure. I forget that I am a child of the most high, the creator himself, GOD ALMIGHTY!!!! I find myself going through the motions with no real difference in my attitude, actions, or relationship with God and others. I wonder what it would be like for my friends if we ALL (as a group) started to be passionate about reading our Bibles, and attending church.

Would we see a difference in our lives?

Would our lives begin to have meaning?

I challenge you, to not just “read [our] Bibles, attend church, and avoid “big” sins.” Cause the reality is, that going through the motions simply is us hoping, dreaming, wondering if God is worth our time!

Lets fall in love with God again!

How are you falling in love with God?


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