3 Things to Do Christmas Week

We have finally made it. This week is the week of Christmas! Many kids (ok, and some child-like adults as well), have been waiting for this day the entire year. Many adults have been dreading this day since well, let’s be honest, Thanksgiving. Regardless of how long we have been waiting, it has finally arrived, and this week is the big week.

I can remember as a kid trying to get my “wish list” together, and trying to make sure I put things on my list that I really wanted. This was a fun tradition for me. (I had it really bad because my birthday is January 9th) Which meant that I had to be sure that my list was good, because it was the same list my family and friends would use to get my birthday presents as well. This made it difficult. Not to mention the fact that this meant I had to wait 10 months before I would get presents again. 


In a society where Christmas is all about gifts, sales, food, trees, men in red suits, lights, and traveling, it isn’t any surprise when we totally forget what Christmas is really all about. One day I noticed a pastor had a video on his blog that would be great for you to play and share with your family this Christmas. My suggestion is to choose if you will show it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning. You can see the video here

  1. FOCUS ON JESUS. Sure you have heard about the man who lived over 2,000 years ago. I wonder if Jesus would want His birthday to be ‘difficult’ (like I found my “Wish List” to be)? I don’t think so. In fact, I think He would be saddened to see that we have turned His birthday into a day (ok, season) where we focus on Santa, gifts, trees, holiday performances, shopping, sales, snow, cookies, candy, and parties. If you need a refresher, read the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). This will help us see that without Jesus, none of these other things really matter.
  2. HELP OTHERS. I am so amazed at how many people are hurting in our cities today. It saddens my heart when I hear how un-caring people (wait, cities) are toward those less fortunate. I read this article where one city is trying to put a ban on helping those less fortunate. HOW SAD! We all can help in some way. You can donate money, food, time, etc. To help in these settings. More crucial, you can vote against these types of things that will not uplift our country, but separate us even more.
  3. GIVE. There isn’t a person I know who doesn’t like to wake up Christmas morning to some presents wrapped under the tree. In fact, it’s kind of a fun tradition that many people have in common. It doesn’t matter if you are on the East coast, or the West coast. Up north, or down south. You will find people who have the tradition of Christmas. When I made my “Wish List” every year, I was ALWAYS focused on ‘self.’ Isn’t this common for most of us? It is easy for us to see this as an opportunity to get that new flat-screen t.v., or new movie, or cooking ware that you may want this year. It is so much nicer to give then to receive. Find ways to give to others this season. Even if it’s just a candy bar, or paying it forward (paying for the coffee of the person behind you in line at the coffee shop).

Like always, these 3 things are great to read and understand. But they are simply ‘ideas’ if that is where they stay.

How do you Focus on Jesus, Help Others, and Give during the Christmas Season?

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