Top 5 Posts of 2013


I am amazed at how quickly 2013 went by. It seemed like not too long ago I was having BIG dreams about what 2013 would hold for me. While I’m the first to admit that not all of those dreams came true, I know for a fact that God has directed each and every step along the way. With all the struggles that have come our way, we know for a fact that God will continue to show Himself to us in 2014.

I had two goals in 2013 that were ‘personal’ for me. These were goals that only I could do, and that only I could gain from. Both of which I decided to initiate in the form of a blog. First, to write more (which I’ve done here). Second, to read more (which I have done here).   

I want to take a moment to thank you the readers of my blog/s. I appreciate you taking time to subscribe to my blog, read my posts, and encourage me. I have two requests for you this year.

               1) Please leave comments on the blog posts. Each post has a place at the bottom where you can leave comments. I ENCOURAGE you to take a moment and leave a comment. Tell me what you think of the post, answer the question/s I ask, and engage in the conversation.

              2) Share the post/s with your friends and family, or anyone you think could gain something from them. 

By doing these 2 things, you will help me immensely

–          Derek

Below is a list of the Top 5 Posts of 2013. This list is not necessarily filled with the posts I would choose. BUT, these are the posts that YOU (my readers) have chosen. 

Top 5 Posts in 2013

Number 1: 12 Christmas Items you Thought you Knew

Number 2: 4 Ways to Make the BEST Use of Your Twitter Account

Number 3: Leadership Through Writing – Why I Write

Number 4: 10 Books I Recommend for 2013

Number 5: 4 Ideas to Encourage Bible Study with your Family



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