Last week, I shared with you the idea of a Personal Growth Plan. The most important aspect of leadership, is to help others. It’s not about our skills, abilities, or education. While those things are important, they do NOT create good leaders. This week, I have been trying to figure out what I could possibly provide you that would help mobilize your leadership. What can I possibly say that would help you to be a better leader?

While I may not be as well known as other leadership consultants, advisers, or speakers (which is totally OK with me), I do have experience that some of you can relate with. What I want to share with you this week does not just apply to those who are leaders at their job, or sports team, or even at the place where they volunteer. What I am going to share, can apply to parents, teachers, laborers, janitors, truck drivers, office workers, and even stay at home moms!

There is a lot of hype out there about developing you to be a better leader. While this is important, I strongly believe that we have blurred our vision, and our focus is off. What I am going to share, flows out of who you are. Not who you want to be. NOT who others think you are. NOT how you portray yourself. What I am talking about, goes down to your deepest core. Goes down to how you view life. It has everything to do with your value system/s. I believe that if we don’t have an understanding of these areas in our lives, we are just blindly leading.  It is CRUCIAL that each and every one of us who wants to develop as leaders, to wrestle with these 3 areas:

RELATIONSHIPS: How do you intentionally build a space filled with trust and respect with others?

FUTURE: We all have a vision of where we will be in the future. So what goals are worth spending time on to turn that vision into a reality? (I talked about Goal Setting here if you want some help with that) 

ETHICS: This was one of my least favorite classes in college. The reason was simply because being an ethical person is difficult. What does it mean to do the right thing, for the right reason?

If we can wrestle with these 3 areas, then we will find that leadership begins to flow out of us. I believe, that if we can’t get these three areas nailed down, it is going to be difficult to lead. It’s not leading if we have no relationships with others. If we don’t focus on our future and dreams, we get bored (and don’t really lead). If we have a hard time doing what is right, people won’t be interested in following you. If you are not consistent with what is right and wrong, then again, you’re a difficult person to follow.

I challenge you to wrestle with these three areas of your life.


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