What Can a Christian Leader Learn from an Atheist???

I would like to first say that this post is strictly written by Derek, from a leader in a church context. Which means that everything I will say, all my reflections, are all being gauged through this lens. 

Jim & Casper Go To Church: Frank Conversation about faith, churches, and well-meaning Christians by:Jim Henderson & Matt Casper. 


This book is written from a very unique perspective. On one hand you have Jim, a Christian, while on the other you have Casper, an atheist. Their mission? to visit 12 churches across the USA. Some are known nationally, while others aren’t. This book started out as an experiment for Jim (note: Jim has been a long time pastor). He wanted to see how atheist perceive church. So he hired Casper to travel with him to visit 12 churches. This book is essentially the conversations they had as they visited, and discussed their experiences at these churches. 

This is an excellent book. The book is filled with observations (though only observations from one Christian and one Atheist). I have said it before, and I’ll continue to say it “Leaders Read, and Readers Lead”  This is an excellent book to read as a leader. Even if you don’t agree with the observations made, it is still helpful. I have to agree with what Casper (the atheist) said at the end of the book: 

“Jim asked me what I’d say to Christians everywhere, if I could, and I think it’s quite simple. There are two rules we must all abide by to live healthy, happly lives with each other and with everyone on the planet: 

                 1. Be open-minded. Learning is the best thing that can happen to anyone.

                 2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Did you catch that? Even he thinks learning is beneficial to ones life. Leaders, keep learning. Even if it means learning from an atheist. 


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