The Heat of the Situation


Isn’t it amazing when we take a moment to think about what our life consists of? My heart is burdened deeply for the many fires I have been hearing about these past couple weeks. In Estacada, OR there have been some fires that have caused many businesses to close down, and has affected the lives of several people. In Bethel, AK a local church burned down to the ground. Why in the world am I even mentioning this? Why in the world would I (of all people) even be interested in something like this?

Because I don’t just see fire! These aren’t just homes and businesses getting burned down, or shut down while they take care of the fires. The church in Bethel that burned to the ground is more than just a building that is no longer standing. Both of these instances have a deeper connection to our lives than we think. For starters, I have family who is from Estacada. I even have family members who live just outside Estacada (which doesn’t take much since it’s a small town). One of my closest friends lives up in Bethel (rural AK off the bearing sea). No, none of my family is hurt or affected much by the fire/s in Estacada. And no, my good friend did not go to the church that burned down. But I am thinking about them. I am thinking about their families and friends.

Our world is so caught up in the “me, me, me” thinking, that we totally forget about others (unless it’s tragic). As I was thinking, I began to realize that we do that in the church as well. We are so focused on what we are doing, or what that next event is, or our next sermon series, that we totally forget about others. I would even venture to say that for many of us, we didn’t even think about these people’s spiritual destination. You see, I have burdened with this thought lately!

It really doesn’t matter if you are a good person or not. Nor does it really matter if you are rich or poor, or if you are young or old. Non of that really matters if you don’t understand this one thing. YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST is the MOST important aspect of you!

I used to care (like many) how someone looked. So much so that I never wanted to go work with homeless people. But then I met some, and I found that they were more open to talking about Jesus and what he did (or did not do), and how that affected them than many of my Christian friends at church ever would. Isn’t that amazing? So as we think and pray for those who are affected by these fires, let these stories be a reminder to us that we need to focus on the MOST important aspect of someone, and that is……Where will they spend eternity?


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