9 Questions to Ask Yourself as a Leader!

In my last post CFBC YOUTH LEADERSHIP TEAM CORE VALUES I talked about listening to God for direction. I know that some are going to ask me how in the world I filter through what is actually from God, and what is actually from my self-centered brain. So this post is dedicated to helping you understand the filters I have and use as I work in leadership.

  1. What does the Bible say?
  2. What do wise and godly people say?
  3. What does my experience say?
  4. What does the SPIRIT say?
  5. Does this negatively impact the vision of our ministry? Our Church?
  6. Am I excited about this?
  7. Is this a temporary solution?
  8. Is this extravagance or excellence?
  9. Will this benefit the ministries vision? The churches vision?

I find that I ask myself these questions often as I am planning a lesson, planning events, going into meetings, or anything I do that pertains to the ministries I am involved in.

I hope this helps you to understand my though process as I lead.


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