Core Values

I am convinced that leadership takes work. Leading a team of people takes work. Which is why I will take every opportunity I can to read and listen to others on how they lead their teams. One aspect to leading a team, is that you know where you are going, and how you will get there. Which is why developing CORE VALUES is crucial for any team. As I have joined the staff team at CFBC, I have been constantly looking to develop core values for the youth ministry. After lots of prayer, research, thinking, and planning, it is crucial that we as leaders develop core values for our team. These are not core values for those we minister to or provide a service to, rather these are values for those who are on staff or in leadership.

So here are the core values for the Youth Group here at CFBC:

#1: Listen to Jesus, and do what He says!

#2: Commit to C.H.A.N.G.E.

  • C: Care about people! (After all, we do work with people)
  • H: Healthy (Emotional, Family, Financial, Physical, and Spiritual)
  • A: AWE! (We are never going to forget where we come from, and how far God has brought us)
  • N: Numbers (Not correlated with ‘Achievement’, rather ‘STATS’ that point to potential)
  • G: Grit (Doing “Whatever it Takes” to get people to know JESUS)
  • E: Everything Matters (Everything we do affects the church body, and everything the church body does affects our effectiveness. WE ARE JUST ONE PART OF A BIG TEAM)

#3: Always Believe that the Best is Yet to Come!



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