For audiences ranging from 10 to more than 1,000, Derek is an engaging and dynamic speaker who informs and inspires his audiences to take the actions needed to live at their best, and to follow their unique design.

Drawing from his own experiences as a student, more than 10 years as youth & associate pastor, the lessons he’s learned as a non-profit leader, Derek will leave your leaders, students, and organization with the focus, mindset, and beliefs they need to follow their unique design, and better their communities.

“Doesn’t matter if its your leadership team, managers, small group, conference, school, or Bible-Study, Derek is the speaker for you.” 


  1. Finding your unique design
  2. Leading in the church.
  3. Creating a product (ministry) that sticks.
  4. How Social Networking Sites can help you live out your unique design.
  5. Leaving a legacy through leadership.
  6. It’s Spiritual: taking a look at the spiritual development of a leader.

If you are interested in having Derek come and speak, fill out the form below, and we will get back with you.


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