My Philosophy

This blog blog dedicated to mobilizing leaders, so that they can be the best leaders they can be.

The idea is fairly simple – to provide useful and easy to understand information that can actually be put to practice by leaders just like you!


Leadership is a very large topic, with lots of different roads. Yet I firmly believe that leadership comes down to 1 basic thing:

  1.         What is your influence on another human being?

You see, there are many different views out there today on leadership, but the reality is that INFLUENCE is the heart and soul of leadership!

How you cast vision (if you even do). How you take a thought/idea/way of life/passion and ignite a vision that soon inflames the world with a legacy. Strictly in hopes that just one day, that same thought/idea/way of life/passion will inflame those whom they seek to lead and influence. Leaders impact lives, motivate a single or group of people, and transform our organizations and world.


I believe that leadership is a journey. A journey that will cause you to grow as an individual, group of people, and hopefully grow the vision/passions/ideas you are getting ready to set ablaze.

My goal is provide you with resources that will empower you and your teams to live out leadership.

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